How much to pay a prostitute?

The answer depends on the price of a prostitute. Most prostitutes are fictional and have no real-life counterparts. Then there are those who pretend to be trafficking survivors or women at war, etc., but they're all just prudes. For most of us, prostitution is a creepy subject that evokes images of women begging for money in exchange for sex.

How much to pay a prostitute?

In order to avoid this trope, we should think of it as an exercise in empathy! We should not see prostitutes as "real" people, but instead as individuals who are trying their best to make ends meet-even if they don't have much choice in the matter. We should not think about prostitution as something that can be solved by throwing money at it; instead, we should try to understand what these people feel inside and give them some support.

Furthermore, you'll know if you're spending too much if you spend money that could be used for things like food, rent, your wife's birthday present, and so on. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you can afford and how much you think you're getting for your money.

How much is too much when paying for a prostitute?

If you're a millionaire and see your dream-looking girl working as an escort, you could argue that $1,500 per hour isn't too much. If you see an attractive female and you are a well-paid professional who is still not financially independent and relies on a monthly wage, even if it is above average, to make ends meet, $500-$1000 per hour may seem pricey.

If you only want some physical relief and don't care who offers it, i.e., you have little to no aesthetic tastes, then $200 per hour is a lot. As you can see, it all comes down to personal preference and financial constraints. So, yes, spend wisely whenever it comes to getting the prostitutes available.

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